What to do if You Were Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

Being involved in a car accident is definitely devastating. What can make the situation worse is that if it’s a hit-and-run accident. Even if you have an insurance policy, your insurer won’t be able to have access to a third party to make a claim for the damage done. This would leave you high and dry unless you’re lucky enough to find the culprit later on. In situations like this, the best thing would be to hire an attorney. He will help you discover ways on how can still make a claim despite that it’s a hit-and-run accident. Other than that, here are the steps that you should keep in mind if ever you’ll be involved in one.

1. Gather As Much Evidence as You Can

Try to stay calm and take clear pictures of your vehicle. It should show the damage from all the important angles. Aside from that, don’t forget to take pictures of the area where the incident happened. Image quality is very important. Try to jot down the things you can remember. This includes what happened before and after the collision, and other necessary details about the vehicle. If you managed to have a glimpse of the other car’s plate number, then write this one as well. Having the plate number makes submitting a claim way easier, as you’ll be able to receive a reimbursement from your issuer for doing so.

2. Come Up with a Police Report
In a hit-and-run accident, leaving the scene of the crime is considered to be a very serious offense. The driver of the hit and run vehicle would have to face legal consequences once caught. As for the victim, it’s your responsibility to provide all the necessary information that you can gather about the incident. This would increase the chances of having the driver apprehended because of his carelessness. To ensure that, call the police as soon as possible. Ideally, right after the accident. If you’re driving when the accident happened, check if none of the passengers were injured and move the car to safety.

3. Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company
After the police have taken a report, the next step would be to report the accident to your insurance company. Due to the fact that no other driver would be involved in taking care of the damage and shouldering liability, this would be handled by your own policy. Hit and run accidents are the only type of car accident which the car owner is not at fault. That said, he won’t be asked to pay for the collision deductible and in most cases, this would be handled by the company. The reason behind this is that no other insurance company is involved to pay for the damages, and you are neither at fault. Hit and run accidents are usually covered by collision coverage, and so, if you don’t own this policy, then it’ll be hard for you to file a claim. Likewise, since you’re not at fault, this would also increase your premiums and the deductible would only be your responsibility in the repair.