Leading Cause of Car Accidents in New York in 2016

Causes of car accidents vary by state. Because each state has its own rules and regulations, the way people act within state boundaries while driving is greatly influenced by these laws. While improper turns are the main cause of car accidents in California, reckless driving is the leading cause of fatal crashes in Florida. Although New York is considered one of the safer states when it comes to car accidents, common driving errors can cause fatal crashes in this state as well.

Interestingly enough, drunk driving and speeding are not the major causes of crashes in New York. So, what is the main reason for car accidents in New York in 2016?

Being inattentive while driving has emerged out to be the leading cause of automobile accidents in New York in 2016. Today’s drivers are equipped with handheld electronics like cell phones for instance. These smart devices have significantly raised the concern of distracted driving. Thus, distractions while driving are a major contributing factor in car accidents.

According to a study performed by the researchers from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, two-thirds of drivers involved in automobile accidents are distracted in the seconds before an accident.

Other than using cell phones, drivers who are distracted by reading, writing, using touchscreens on their dashboard or reaching for something while driving more likely get involved in fatal car accidents.

Distraction: The Leading Cause of Car Accidents in New York:
Distractions are dangerous. Engaging in distracting activities while you are behind the wheel cannot only risk your life but of some other attentive driver on the road as well. Most of the car accidents are so severe that they often lead to the victim’s death. Car accidents can negatively affect someone’s life physically, emotionally and even financially.

Someone else’s distraction while driving a car, truck, motorcycle or any other vehicle can involve you in an unwanted and deadly crash. From medical expenses to having your vehicle repaired, you will have to bear several high end expenditures as a result of a car accident.

Thousands of car accidents are reported in New York annually, and a significant number of these crashes result in deaths. Even the victims that survive deadly car crashes have to deal with severe injuries beyond repair for the rest of their lives. If you or your loved one has endured one of these car crashes recently involving an inattentive driver, you are liable for compensation. Click here to contact a car accident attorney for filing a claim against the driver’s insurance.

Whether you were hit while making a turn or some other driver failed to stop at a red light and collided with your car, you can obtain compensation to pay for your medical costs. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you with the entire compensation case so that you can focus on your recovery.

Because of the no fault insurance system of New York, you can recover damages irrespective of fault and also ease out the burden of personal injury lawsuits in the local court.