Have a Wheel Bearing Failure? Know This Crucial Information to Help

download (19)Common Reasons for Failure

• Improperinstallation

• Damaged seals present

• Recent accident suffered that’s causing damage

Anyone who has recently replaced a wheel bearing, even within the last year should know that if properly installed it shouldn’t fail again for its entire lifespan. The only way it could is if as mentioned above, there is a seal failure or a vehicle accident. Other failures can be from manufacturers defects or even a bad installation. Low mileage, unbalanced tires and bad shocks are also contributors but not as common.

Vehicle bearings are not parts that wear down like tires and brakes do. The majority of them will last the entire lifetime of the car without needing to be replaced. If one fails and the mechanic says both need replaced, find another mechanic. This is just not true! Steer clear of any mechanic that tries to sell a client on this repair.

Have the Right Tools to DIY

Anyone that plans on doing the work themselves when it comes to replacement should know it’s not hard but it does take some time. Making sure the right tools are available is a smart move. To change it one will need:

  • A 12-ton Hydraulic Press
  • Chilton’s Manual or similar

Damaging the hub and bearing is easily avoided with these tools, don’t chance the repair otherwise or it may end up costing more in the long run in time and money. There are many user friendly tools available that carry all the necessary accessories and there will be no extra assembly involved.

If a press is necessary, disassembly may be needed to remove the wheel wheel bearing, and one must be super careful not to damage the ABS sensor (Anti-lock Braking System). When employing a hub tamer there’s no need to remove the complete knuckle assembly so the work is minimal and having complications is less likely. Some prefer to use special snap-ring pliers to deal with the snap ring holding on the bearing, as it can be difficult.

Nervous About Noises?

Figuring out the cause a wheel bearing noise is no simple task. Most believe it’s tire issues, but aren’t privy to the fact it is the bearings. If they are aware of this, then the problem comes in determining which one has failed. This could even be why some replace both, because they are unsure which it is.

Anyone who has a wheel that’s making noise and they are having difficulty figuring out which one is making it will thankfully discover that there are certainly ways to figure out which is the culprit. They can also trust the professionals to determine which it is, or when it doubt replace both. A great deal of money can be saved when one does it themselves. The important thing is to take the vehicle in or diagnose it right away.

Don’t chance being involved in an accident when bearings fail and vehicle tires seize. Pay attention to the crucial role of wheel bearings and keep every vehicle safe on the road for the driver and others.